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An Overview of Digital Marketing: A Trusted Guide

Conquering the digital frontier is key in building awareness for brands, transforming them into conversions and in turn, gain profits. These days, the fastest way to reach out to your audience is through various platforms online. Get more coverage for your brand by knowing the best digital marketing aspects.

What is Digital Marketing Exactly And Why Is It Important?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of a brand, business, service or product to a target market using desktop computers or laptops, mobile phones and smart TVs.

Its importance today cannot be denied. According to a 2021 digital marketing survey ran by Gartner, 70 percent of businesses met their objectives or even surpassed them.

Digital marketing also allows companies to reach out to clients all over the world, which is something one cannot really accomplish by using traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Types You Have to Be Familiar With

Digital marketing is not one and the same; lots of digital marketing types have come up ever since the concept was created. Here are the best hits.

1. Content

If you are a business owner and you want to share marketing messages by means of varying formats, you should get into content marketing. This type of digital marketing includes published articles and blog posts, case studies, support documentation and white papers.

2. Email

Email marketing is great for getting conversions from web traffic.

It lets businesses get in touch with potential clients who have agreed to accept marketing messages through email. These email addresses are acquired through the company’s official websites, social media accounts or blogs.

3. Affiliate

Affiliate marketing lets companies, who act as advertisers, sell products or promote their services by means of affiliates online.

The company or advertiser makes an affiliate link available to their affiliate marketer to display and use in their site content. The site content may come in the form of a social media post or a blog post.

Once a user clicks on the link, the company pays the affiliate for sales or leads that result from the click—this may also depend on the affiliate agreement.

4. Influencer

Influencer marketing, like affiliate marketing, is another popular digital marketing strategy. This method lets companies get in touch with new markets by means of well-known social media personalities.

Brands also hire their choice celebrity online to promote products and services by means of posts that are sponsored or through a paid partnership.

If you want to boost awareness for your brand to a niche market, influencer marketing is a great method to use.

5. Guerilla

Guerilla marketing is a method wherein businesses can acquire free PR (public relations) through unique, attention-getting viral marketing campaigns.

Guerilla marketing campaigns take place offline though. Examples of this are event ambushes, flash mobs and setting up a temporary art installment on the streets.

People who get to witness these events will talk about it and share them online.

6. Search Engine

Search engine and organic SEO agencies utilizing Google Maps SEO helps businesses by allowing them to contact people by means of search engines.

SEO or search engine optimization deals with pages from organic search results. Pay-Per-Click meanwhile is more about rankings that stem from paid search results through Google Ads and the like.

If you want to produce more qualified traffic for your official site, take advantage of SEO.

7. Podcast

Podcast marketing makes use of digital music and podcast services to reach out to their target audience. Companies can touch base with potential clients by creating a podcast, investing in podcast advertisements or taking part in interviews focused on subjects relevant to the industry.

Companies can also utilize podcasts to get URLs for their SEO strategy.

8. Social Media

Social media marketing benefits businesses by letting them get in touch with their audience on various social medial channels from Facebook to LinkedIn.

More than a billion individuals use social media platforms to communicate and a good percent of users use these platforms to gather information about the brands they are interested in.

The use of social media will also help your boost your SEO strategy.

9. Mobile

Mobile marketing is an excellent method for businesses who would like to connect with their target market through mobile gadgets like smartphones.

10. Video

Video marketing is for businesses who want to connect with their target market using video content. Video marketing typically happens in video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

Take advantage of this method by loading your content library with relevant videos—they are great for social media and as assets for link building.

The hottest in digital marketing methods have been given away, and now it’s time for you to choose the kind that best fits your business, target audience and market space.

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