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This was an interesting week, let’s start with the Sparktoro study claiming 65% of all searches done on Google do not lead to a click to a website. Then Google responded saying this is a misleading statement. This all led to a lot of debate on social media in the industry. Google spoke a bit about how it will move its last batch of sites to the mobile-first indexing process. Google also spoke a bit about the rollout of the Page Experience Update. Google does not look to see if sites have FTC warning letters around COVID issues. Google launched new structured data for practice problems and math solvers, including new Search Console tools and reports to debug these results. Google crawl stats report had a data bug between March 10th and March 23rd. Google said it is silly to re-block pages that you blocked so that Google can pick up on a noindex tag. Google said the “page indexed without content” notice is mostly about pages being blocked by robots.txt. Google told us how to update featured snippet content fast. Google posted a video on e-commerce and getting products into Google Search. Microsoft Bing removed 1.5 billion ads, suspended 300,000 accounts and more. Google Ads is testing a new match type named “Smart matching.” Google Ads launched property promotion ads for hotel campaigns globally. Google said first party data includes subdomains, ccTLDs and vanity URLs that are owned by the same company. Google is testing a “not helpful” button in the local reviews section. Google replaced the “message” button with a “chat” button in the local panel. And Semrush went public yesterday, what a proud day for the company, its employees and the industry. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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