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Google seems to be testing displaying “practice problems” in the search results so that you can study directly in the search results. Shalom Goodman shared a screen shot with me on Twitter showing a search for [optics] not only brings up a new category on the left side for “practice problems” but also adds a practice problem directly in the search results.

Here is his screen shot (click to enlarge it) but I cannot replicate this:

click for full size

On the left side of the side bar category filters that Google has been expanding big time in the past six-months or so, you see “practice problems.” I guess you can click on that to see more. But Google is showing in the main results a search result section for those “practice problems” where you can test yourself.

The practice problems gives you a sample question with multiple choice answers, it even gives you a hint.

I can replicate the side bar filter to trigger the practice problems category for a search on [algebra], [ chemistry], [physics] and more, but I do not see the multiple choice questions when I do it.

This is super interesting and dare I say not just educational but fun.

I can now replicate on mobile:

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