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Weblium is an AI-powered drag and drop mobile-friendly website builder. What makes Weblium different from other website builders is its AI-driven design supervisor feature.

Weblium's AI Website Builder

Weblium,  an AI website builder, now integrates with AWeber. You can instantly connect your AWeber account with any of the your Weblium sign up forms to quickly grow your audience and boost sales.

Weblium is an AI-powered drag and drop mobile-friendly website builder. What makes Weblium different from other website builders is its AI-driven design supervisor feature. Weblium will automatically adjust the visual look of a site during editing. You can manage global site settings — like color palette, theme styles, fonts — from one place.

The drag and drop website components let you build a custom and responsive website in minutes. Add texts, images, or videos in one click. All of your content is adjusted automatically in your content block layout. No coding is required.

The Weblium Design Supervisor automatically corrects fonts, punctuation, spelling, and colors. It’s error control system helps to keep your website text error-free and easy to understand. 

The Weblium AI Design Supervisor lets you focus on your content while ensuring all of the design elements of your website look professional and modern. 

Weblium lets you easily customize your site with a variety of signup form options, including custom fields.  

By connecting AWeber and Weblium, you can easily integrate any Weblium sign up forms to your AWeber lists. The tag support option lets you tag subscribers when they sign up, allowing you to automate your email marketing program.

Integrating AWeber with Weblium creates a seamless experience to collect visitor information, understand your audience better, and tailor automated email marketing campaigns to each customer.

For a limited time, AWeber customers can get 30% OFF of Weblium Pro annual subscription by using the coupon AWEBER30 at checkout.

Step 1: Connect to the integrations options in Weblium.

Open the Weblium site builder and click the “Actions” tab from the menu options at the top of the page. Then, click “Go to Settings” to access the  “Form Management” tab in your site settings. Next, click the “Integrations” tab. Select AWeber from the available integrations and then, click “Connect.”

Step 2: Connect Weblium to your AWeber account.

Log in to your AWeber account in the pop-up window when directed. (If you don’t have one yet, sign up here). You will enter your AWeber login credentials and click “Allow Access.”

Step 3: Synchronize your Weblium forms with AWeber.

Now go to the Integrations tab in the form settings to enable the integration. Click on AWeber, then select the subscribers list that you want the leads to be sent to automatically.

Next click the “Sync fields with AWeber.” Add all of the form fields one by one and match them with AWeber fields. This will synchronize your form fields with corresponding fields in your AWeber account. 

Step 4: Add tags to your Weblium forms.

Add any tags that you would like to apply to your subscribers in the “Tags” menu. Then, connect the fields on your Weblium form to the corresponding fields in AWeber. You can connect custom fields too.

Read our Knowledge Base article for more information on how to leverage the power of AWeber and Weblium.

Connecting AWeber with Weblium requires absolutely zero coding experience. It instantly provides you the ability to integrate your email marketing with your Weblium website. 

Your AWeber account includes everything you need to get started — sign up forms, landing pages, email templates, and pre-built campaigns.

Don’t have an AWeber account? No problem, sign up for a free trial today!

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