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analyticsHaving a successful app is almost never a coincidence. It is a result of smart decisions made by analyzing App analytics, as well as a sharp sales strategy that fits company strengths. The quickest way to understand the way users interact with an app is to track and analyze key metrics related to app usage or sales statistics. While some data can be collected with basic tools such as iTunes Connect, advanced analysis requires finer instruments that can provide detailed insight into user data. Here is a selection of excellent analytics packages that can be used with confidence to guide future actions of app development companies:



This is a battletested, web-based reporting platform designed to deliver detailed sales data about the apps directly to user’s mobile display. It is able to import daily or weekly iTunes Connect reports and instantly visualize them, with a possibility to be synced with several accounts at the same time and to trace unlimited number of apps through different app stores around the world. Sales reports generated with AppFigures can be organized by date or country/region, providing key insights into financial results the app is achieving and facilitating more accurate analysis. This amazing analytics tool is indispensable for ambitious developers eager to know exactly how much noise their flagship apps are creating in the marketplace. AppFigures makes your data beautiful again.



As one of the most popular analytics and marketing tools currently available, Localytics is constantly introducing new features that make its utilization even more effective. The platform is mostly dedicated to measuring long-term impact of an app, bringing advanced functionalities for Lifetime Value Tracking and Customer Acquisition Management. It is also one of the safest choices when it comes to mobile analytics, since it is regularly used to monitor more than 500.000 smartphones and tablets around the world and enjoys respect from top-tier global brands such as New York Times or Microsoft. With advanced personalization and interaction features, this software product will allow effortless insight into the specifics of user behavior.


Flurry Analytics

There is little doubt that Flurry Analytics is one of the finest instruments for assessing app market numbers on a deeper level, primarily thanks to its amazing capacity for turning raw data into neatly organized charts and graphs. It meticulously keeps track of a whole array of specific parameters about usage, audience, events and technical issues, allowing for a journey underneath the app’s surface. It is not very hard to see whether the application is doing well in financial terms, but in order to understand why this is happening, it may be necessary to dig deeper with Flurry. When you take into account that its creators recently added user acquisition and error tracking features, this may be the only analytics tool you need.



When mobile app development professionals want a closer look into the wider trends currently unfolding in the app stores, there is no better place to turn than Distimo. Famous for publishing monthly reports that cut to the bone and expose the naked truth about the app market, this platform can be a powerful tool to aid in the decision making process, either during the development phase or once the app hits the market. Distimo SDK opens additional options, including an easy way to follow download conversion statistics or to measure effectiveness of multiple marketing campaigns at the same time. In the right hands, this tool can provide plenty of valuable facts, or even advice developers which app names to avoid in the near future!



Numerous users cite MixPanel as their app store data analytics tool of choice and it is not too hard to see why. According to all reports, it is incredibly easy to set up while the actual analysis can be performed very quickly, so there are no obstacles to discourage new users. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though – quality of reports is off the charts as well, particularly if MixPanel is used for funnel analysis or segmentation. There are very few comparable platforms for serious analytics work with real data in real time and most of them are either too expensive or too complex or both – which makes MixPanel an easy recommendation for most app developers.

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