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Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that it doesn’t matter what slows down your pages, if your pages are slow, they are slow. So if it is a Google product, like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, AdSense, Ad Manager or something else Google offers that is slowing down your page, find a way to implement it where it does not slow down the page.

If you know that you’ve integrated a Google product that slows down your pages and you know it is impacting your site speed, then it is an issue. Google doesn’t give you a pass, just like your users and thus conversions, don’t give you a pass, because it is a Google product slowing down your page load time.

John said on Twitter “Off-hand, there’s no exception for speed testing when using our products & services — they can slow your site down like anything else. Sometimes there are ways to integrate that limit the slow-down, but ultimately that’s up to you.”

Will Google products slow down your pages where it hurts your rankings? I doubt it but still, you want your pages to be super fast for your conversion goals.

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