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Last week many local SEOs discovered that their Google Posts were being rejected. The speculated reason was that images in these Posts violated Google’s guidelines. However, according to a Tweet yesterday from Mike Blumenthal, a “fix” went live yesterday allowing new Posts to publish.

Old Posts will post. The company also said that old Posts, which had been rejected, would be published “in the next few days.” Local SEOs should check for duplicates, in the event any of their Posts “got through” last week.

Bug vs. enforcement. This doesn’t address whether the most common SEO theory — Google seeking to enforce stricter compliance image guidelines — was truly to blame or whether this was some kind of bug. Use of the language “fix” suggests it was a bug and not Google seeking to get tougher on image quality.

Google did not respond to our request for insight or clarification.

Why we care. It will be interesting to see what the source of the problem was: a bug of some kind or stronger enforcement of image and video guidelines. Local SEOs were largely convinced of the latter. Regardless, Google needs to do a better job of communicating — especially if it’s seeking changes in the way local marketers approach Posts.

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Greg Sterling is a Contributing Editor to Search Engine Land, a member of the programming team for SMX events and the VP, Market Insights at Uberall.

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