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This week, we may have had a big, but unconfirmed, Google update on January 7th. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, you can catch up there. Frederick Dubut from Bing said SEOs need to switch from keyword research to intent research but John Mueller from Google was not all in on that idea. Google may be taking longer to process manual action reconsideration requests. But John Mueller from Google said reconsideration requests are handled in batches. Google also said do not over simply crawling at large scale. Google Search Console crawl stats had a bug, so did the URL parameters tool – both now seem to be fixed. Medium seems to be having serious issues in Google search now, was it a penalty or a technical issue. Google expands user comments in search to live TV shows. Bing Pages launched, it allows you to control your page and inject content into Bing search results through social media. Google may have dropped support for dataset tabular schema. Google FAQ schema can’t be in a PDF. Google Ads is still displaying emojis in some display URLs. Google Ads outsourced partner, Teleperformance, is also trying to poach your advertising clients. Google Local can now show where your business is in-between two other stores. I posted two vlogs this week, one with AJ Ghergich from Bardo and one with Brian Dean of Backlinkco. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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