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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a holiday in the United States and I will just post this recap of some of the logos from Google and Bing for the holiday. Google has “hand turkeys” and Bing goes with some fierce looking turkeys on its home page.

Google 2019 Thanksgiving Doodle:

Google wrote “Today’s Doodle celebrates Thanksgiving with a tribute to “hand turkeys,” an easy-to-make holiday bonding activity. A time for gathering with loved ones and giving thanks for the blessings in your life, Americans of all walks of life observe this holiday on the last Thursday in November. “

Bing 2019 Thanksgiving Home Page:

This is a photo of eastern wild turkeys from Wisconsin.

Yahoo does not seem to have a special logo, nor does DogPile or other search engines for the day.

In any event – for all those celebrating – have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and enjoy the football, food and family!

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