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Kieron Hughes posted on Twitter that he is seeing a test where Google is not displaying a site’s normal snippet in the search results when Google displays that URL for the featured snippet. Generally when Google shows a URL as a featured snippet, it will also show that same URL on the first page results, in the main listings.

Kieron Hughes said “Google are testing dropping your ranking URL again if you have the featured snippet, denying you the ability to have a double listing (ranking+snippet).” He said this is a limited test.

Here are his screen shots of this, although it doesn’t show the full page of Google’s search results:

Have you seen this?

I don’t think the SEO community would be happy if Google did this. However, it might feel redundant to the searcher, so I can see why Google would do this.

Google did test this before in 2017…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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