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On Tuesday, digital asset management company Bynder announced the launches of two powerful new features for their leading SaaS content management platform. Bynder provides a suite of tools to help organizations create, manage, and control their branded content.

The new tools, Digital Brand Templates and Brand Guidelines, help facilitate content creation quickly and without the need for a designer. The tools give marketers more control over producing digital assets like banners, social media ads, and other marketing assets and work in tandem to ensure that all content stays consistently on brand.

Digital Brand Templates

Digital Brand Templates enable users to take Photoshop and Sketch files and turn them into editable brand templates.  The new tool uses rules and components that can be leveraged for a variety of different channels, platforms, and campaigns.

Digital Brand Templates incorporate elements such as font type, brand colors, approved images and copy which can be customized within the template to produce on-brand ads for use in digital campaigns.

Source: Bynder

This tool gives marketers the ability to accelerate the creation of campaign creative using preapproved brand assets without needing to perpetually reinvent the wheel when it comes to digital ads. Because the template uses a professional design that’s been vetted and approved, users can create high quality assets which stay on brand, giving them the control they need to create much-needed content more quickly.

Brand Guidelines

Bynder also announced the release of digitized Brand Guidelines which is essentially a repository for all approved elements associated with a brand (e.g., logos, fonts, colors, etc.) Brand Guidelines provides a central location where users can control all elements of a brand, make changes from one location, and disseminate brand assets throughout the organization in a controlled environment.

Source: Bynder

Brand Guidelines is fully integrated with Digital Brand Templates and is meant to replace PDFs and other static resources which can be difficult to maintain and keep consistent across large organizations. The tool incorporates images, video, and documents which helps to fully communicate brand positioning and was developed to be user friendly and extremely easy to update.

Source: Bynder

Bynder works with hundreds of thousands of brand managers at over 1500 organizations that include well known organizations like Spotify, Puma, Canon, Five Guys and many more. They’re a global company with over 350 employees in 7 countries. Bynder recently hired a new CEO and they are focusing on rolling out a host of new features in addition to Digital Brand Templates and Brand Guidelines.

Bynder’s core solution is focused on facilitating digital asset collaboration for large organizations in both B2B and B2C sectors. The platform provides a suite of tools to facilitate content control with the goal of maintaining brand consistency, marketing orchestration (to make it easier for marketers to find and distribute content), and creative asset management.

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