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Earlier this week, we covered that Google’s John Mueller said H1 tags are not critical for your search rankings. The SEO community kind of divided and went nuts on this topic. Some said, but how can H1 tags not be critical to rankings, while others agreed with Google and said yea, they don’t matter. Yesterday, Google published a polished video on the H1 topic.

The video basically said for Google search, H1s do not matter. You can have one, you can have multiple, you can have none – Google search will figure it out. H1s won’t make your site rank better or worse.

Here is the video:

Of course, Google said for usability and best practices outside of SEO, you should do what is recommended.

When John posted the video, I replied:

I am surprised too. I never knew H1s were so controversial in the SEO world. In fact, that is why I posted it when I was offline. I thought I wrote a “light piece” that wouldn’t get too much response on purpose. I came back online to a big surprise.

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