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YouTube is making it harder for copyright holders to file unfair claims and take revenue away from creators.

Copyright holders are using the manual claiming tool to take monetization away from videos that include include very short clips of a song. They’re also using the tool against videos with music that is out of the creator’s control, such as background music.

When a claim is made, all revenue from the video is transferred to the copyright holder. YouTube is changing the manual claiming tool to prevent copyright holders from using it against videos with very short or unintentional uses of music.

This update only applies to manual copyright claims. It does not apply to claims created automatically by YouTube’s Content ID match system.

The vast majority of claims are created automatically, the company says. So most claims will not be impacted by this new policy.

Lastly, this update will not prevent copyright holders from blocking a video for containing very short or unintentional uses of music.

Enforcement of these new polices goes into effect in mid-September. Copyright owners who continue to submit unfair manual claims will have their access to Manual Claiming suspended.

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