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Google Ads is rolling out a new feature designed to help users manage multiple accounts more efficiently.

The new account map, available to those who have a manager account with multiple sub-accounts, helps users visualize their account structure.

With an account map, users can view their manager account and all sub-accounts in one place.

Previously, users would have had to click through multiple pages and tables to see their account structure.

In addition to viewing the overall account structure, the account map will display performance metrics for each account.

Google Ads Makes it Easier to Manage Multiple Accounts

The account map is also useful for identifying which sub-accounts share common attributes.

For example, you can see which accounts share external managers, account-level labels, conversion actions, or remarketing lists.

Google Ads Makes it Easier to Manage Multiple Accounts

View your account map today by navigating to the “Tools and settings” menu, or to your Accounts page in Google Ads.

Again, the account map is available to all Google Ads manager accounts.

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