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Bing’s spam fighter, Frédéric Dubut, said on Twitter “I haven’t seen any case where a change in rankings would be provably attributable to negative SEO only.” We know Google has mostly said that negative SEO doesn’t really work with Google, although they have been a bit wishy-washy on that. Here is Bing kind of saying the same thing.

Frédéric Dubut first said “We are definitely keeping an eye for potential negative SEO attacks. I’ll say that all things considered, these are still quite rare in comparison to “traditional” spam.” So I decided to ask him to clarify:

He followed up saying “Let’s just say I’ve seen it way more often than not used as a justification in reconsideration requests.” But that wasn’t good enough for me.

So then he said these three following statements:

Adding later:

So – do you think Bing can be impacted by negative SEO?

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