Back in March, Google launched the Google Ads API into a production environment. But yesterday, Google decided to pull it back and move it back into a beta state. Why? Google said because of the performance issues.

I mean, who does that – moves something from beta into production and then a few months later move it back into beta? I never heard of that, have you?

Google wrote:

Your feedback about the performance of our products is very important to us. After launching the Google Ads API in March, we’ve heard feedback about slow response times compared to the AdWords API. After in-depth analysis, we’ve determined that the overall performance of the Google Ads API is not ready for production usage.

We take performance very seriously, and this is our highest priority to address. In the meantime, we’re reverting Google Ads API back to beta status and recommend production systems to use AdWords API for the best experience.

Michael Hart, the Director of Research Engineering at Bustle said on Twitter:

100% agree.

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