Today is International Small Business Day, and to mark the occasion Google has created a new home on the web for SMB marketers.

Many of the tools available as part of the ‘Google for Small Business’ initiative have been developed based on feedback received from small business owners.

Kim Spalding, a Product Management Director at Google, states in the announcement:

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many small business owners and the challenges they face. Most of them tell me that they need help saving time at work, or that they need easy tools to help them promote their business.”

On the Google for Small Business website you can access:

  • Personalized plans: After answering a few questions about your business and selecting a goal, Google will generate a step-by-step plan of recommendations.
  • In-person workshops: Locate free Grow with Google workshops happening near you.
  • Latest news: Stay updated on Google’s small business-focused tools and services.

Google Launches a New Hub for Small Business Marketing Resources

Google for Small Business is live now at

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