Google’s John Mueller recently stated that there’s nothing wrong with using ‘how-to’ and ‘recipe’ structured data at the same time.

That’s important to be aware of because Google’s own guidelines for using how-to structured data advises against using it for recipes.

Here’s what is written in Google’s guidelines:

“Don’t use HowTo markup for recipes. Recipes should use the Recipe structured data instead.”

What happens if you use both?

According to what Mueller said in a Google Webmaster Central hangout, using how-to structured data and recipe structured data is technically possible.

However, while a page can contain both sets of structured data, only one type of markup will end up being displayed in search results.

Google will automatically determine which type of markup is most appropriate for search results based on the query.

So, using both sets of structured data won’t make you eligible to appear in two different featured snippets.

You can hear Mueller’s full response below, starting at the 1:04:15 mark:

“I think you can probably do all of that. I don’t think we would show all of these at the same time, but we would probably pick one of those and show it depending on how people search.”

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