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This is a sponsored post by Finteza.

Finteza is a free comprehensive analytics tool. The software provides real-time in-depth website and app analytics to help digital marketers maximize conversions from the top to the bottom of their funnel.

Getting a 360-degree overview of your funnel is such a handful.

More often than not, it means logging in and out of several marketing technology tools a day. And, a piled-up marketing stack means you pay more. You also have to reconcile data from several sources. Plus, you must rely on third-party companies, the same companies hired by your competitors. Sometimes, the companies in question are dubious. Remember the Facebook private data exposure scandal?

But without sufficient data, you are doomed. Deep data is the lifeblood of marketing these days. Without it, your marketing campaigns fall flat and competitors zip past you.

Is there a solution to this plight?

That’s when Finteza steps in to save the day.

Finteza is an advanced, free, and in-depth software that gives you all the data you need to run your business from A to Z — in one dashboard. Yes, you get all the data you need in one place without dashing in and out of countless dashboards or crunching numbers from third-party data companies.

What can you do with Finteza’s tool?

Assess the performance of your CTAs

You probably many call-to-actions in your funnel, like:

  • Join our mailing list
  • Download now
  • Register for webinar
  • Buy Now
  • Book an appointment
  • Start free trial
  • Schedule free call

These CTAs play a crucial role in guiding prospects further down your funnel until they finally become buying customers. Good call-to-actions ensure your prospects stay within the path you mapped out for them without straying.

To increase the performance of your CTAs use Finteza’s conversion optimization capabilities to analyze them. It breaks down conversion numbers according to channel, event, or even the position of the CTA on the page.

finteza funnel registration

Armed with this intel, you can fine-tune your CTAs one by one and achieve better results.

Leverage the software’s segmentation superpowers

Personalized marketing is the rage these days and for good reason. An Accenture survey revealed a jaw-dropping 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

As you know, audience segmentation is the foundation of personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Finteza can drill down your website users’ locations to the city they live in.

FInteza traffic quality

Armed with this info, you can then personalize user experience. When users have a smooth and delightful experience when moving around your site, your conversions are likely to soar.

Measure traffic quality in real-time

Another unique feature of Finteza is its ability to measure traffic quality according to the source instead of lumping it into one bucket. Not only that. The data is presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

finteza geo city

Here’s the key to the color codes:

  • Green shows good traffic, which includes live users.
  • Yellow reflects visits via proxy servers, VPN, Tor Browser, etc.
  • Red represents unwanted harmful traffic (i.e. visits from spam IP addresses or hackers, and those trying to falsify request parameters and cookies).
  • Grey denotes traffic generated by social networks, instant messaging apps, and search engine bots.

Tracking quality has never been simpler.

See the real picture faster through intuitive reports

Finteza gives you all kinds of data you can use to improve your campaigns:

  • Ad engagement based on the traffic source
  • Click-through rates according to the ad location.
  • Demographics of your audience
  • Specific campaign stats and more

The system generates super-detailed and fresh reports. You get a full picture of the state of your funnel and adjust your strategy suitably. Crucially, the reports are interactive.

Want to dive deeper into a particular metric? No problem!

Just click on it to filter the report and view results for the selected group of values. Finteza supports any depth of data history, giving you the freedom to choose from pre-set parameters (from 1 day to 1 year) or to set any desired custom period.

For a better visual analysis, reports can be presented in the form of charts, tables, histograms, and maps. This ability to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns makes Finteza an indispensable assistant for business owners and marketing professionals.

Give the software a try

The best part of all this?

The software is free, for now.

Why not give it a spin today and track right away? It’s easy. Just register, grab your unique tracking code, paste it on your site, and you’re good to go.

Qhubekani Nyathi, aka The Click Guy, is a freelance copywriter and long-form content strategist. 

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