There has been some rumors floating around that Google is not going to migrate the disavow tool from the old Google Search Console to the new one. John Mueller from Google hinted that is not the case and for now people can still use the disavow tool in the old version of the Google Search Console.

Here is kind of where it started:

John responded to these saying “You’re reading too much into a temporary state ,” and “We just haven’t moved all functionality over to the new search console yet — using the old one in the meantime is fine.”

We know there are only a few features left in the old Google Search Console at this point and one of them is this disavow tool. In April, Google told us they have no plans for the disavow tool yet and asked for feedback on its future – so I get why there are rumors that this feature may go away.

It seems to me that Google will keep it on some level but we will see.

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