Google was recently spotted displaying a strange search results page with 30 organic listings.

Actually, it’s more like 32 listings if you count the featured snippet and knowledge graph box.

Here’s a screenshot of the entire SERP:

Google Displays an Unusual SERP With 30 Results

This was captured by SEJ’s lead developer Vahan Petrosyan. Unsurprisingly, I cannot replicate a SERP with 30 results.

It’s likely that this is a one-off glitch, as was the case when a SERP was spotted with a total of 14 ads back in January.

However, if this happens to be something that shows up more often, it may be a good thing for site owners.

With searchers rarely clicking past the first page of Google Search, one way to get them looking at a greater variety of results is to put more results on page one. Of course, that’s assuming they scroll all the way to the bottom.

Having said that, I still wouldn’t count on this being a regular occurrence.

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