Last night at around 8pm ET while in a taxi back to my home from the airport, I wrote on Search Engine Land that Google’s indexing issue was back. Google then confirmed a new indexing issue on Twitter at around 2:20pm ET the following morning. But they said this issue is different and not related to the one from Wednesday morning.

Here is Google’s tweet:

What is this issue? Hard to say.

The last issue seemed to be related to Google having a back log of URLs they needed to get into the index. This one seemed similar, at least based on my earlier tests last night. But as time went on, it did seem different.

I don’t have inside intel – so hard for me to know how this issue is different than the previous one. Hopefully Google will share an update.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update at 2pm: Danny Sullivan implies this is almost fixed and did clarify that this issue is about fresh content but the cause of the issue is different from the previous fresh content indexing issue:

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