Yesterday Google posted the second video in the SEO Myth busting video series, this one was on GoogleBot. It wasn’t really a myth busting video, like the first, but it was very fun to watch. It covers what Googlebot does, how it acts like a mobile browser, how it crawls, touches on JavaScript sites, how to detect GoogleBot, mobile-first indexing and more.

Here is the video:

That was with Martin Splitt of Google and guest Suz Hinton Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft.

Here is the description from the video:

  • What is – and what is not – Googlebot (crawling, indexing, ranking) (1:02)
  • Does Googlebot behave like a web browser? (3:33)
  • How often does Googlebot crawl, how much does it crawl, and how much can a server bear? (4:03)
  • Crawlers & JavaScript-based websites (9:04)
  • How do you tell that it’s Googlebot visiting your site? (11:12)
  • The difference between mobile-first indexing and mobile friendliness (12:28)
  • Quality indicators for ranking (13:35)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:

  • What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot →
  • Google crawlers (user agents) – see which robots Google uses to crawl the web →
  • Implement dynamic rendering →
  • Prepare for mobile-first indexing →

It was a fun watch but for most of the readers here, you won’t be learning anything new…

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