There is growing evidence that Google is in the middle of an important update. There are signs all around us that Google is undergoing an infrastructure update. Recent history suggests that massive improvements will follow once this update has finished.

March 2019 Update Was Big

I received advance information that was leaked from Google that an update was coming. The information was that the March 2019 update would be one of the biggest in years. I reported that here.

Some were of the opinion that the impact of this algorithm did not seem to reach many websites. But that may have been misinterpreting what the Googler meant when they said it was going to be big.

A change to infrastructure is big. It might not immediately affect website rankings. But the improvements introduced by infrastructure improvements allow the advancement of algorithmic processes.

One Month Later Wheels Fall Off Google’s Index

Google’s search index suffered an unprecedented meltdown one month after Google’s March 2019 update. I have been working on the web for 20 years and I have never experienced a breakdown in a search engine as happened one month after Google’s “big” update in March 2019.

Matt Southern reported:

“Google is working on fixing a widespread technical issue that has led to web pages getting removed from Google’s index.”

What happened is that many web pages went missing from Google’s index. The result is that many websites lost rankings because their web pages were no longer in Google’s index.

This is an important event because it means that something significant happened in Google’s infrastructure that caused it to lose web pages.

That is an infrastructure issue. It followed what was leaked to be a “big” update. It seems obvious to me that Google is right now undergoing a major infrastructure update. This update has affected web publishers yet Google has not announced that an update has been happening.

I believe there is a connection between Google’s “big” March 2019 update and the unprecedented indexing issue that followed a few weeks later in April.

Google’s Indexing Bot Has Updated

Another sign that Google is undergoing an infrastructure update is that GoogleBot, Google’s crawling software, has undergone a major update.

GoogleBot’s ability to download and render websites has lagged behind Chrome for the past four years. GoogleBot has been based on Chrome 41, a browser that was announced in March 2015.

Chrome is currently at version 74.

This means that until recently, GoogleBot was unable to see the web in the same way as people who were using modern browsers.

This changed in 2019, when Google announced that GoogleBot will henceforth be based on the most modern version of the Chrome browser.

This change to how Google indexes the Internet happened two months after Google’s March 2019 update, and one month after Google’s search index broke.

GoogleBot’s upgrade represents a major update to how Google crawls the Internet. It’s a very big deal. GoogleBot has jumped from the capabilities of Chrome 41 to Chrome 74.

It’s notable that this change to how Google crawls the Internet has come amidst the recent troubles at Google related to it’s cache and it’s index.

Infrastructure Update Preceded Penguin and Panda

Two of the most important updates to Google’s algorithm are called Penguin and Panda. They affect how links and content are ranked.

The Caffeine Update was rolled out in 2010.  It was an infrastructure update. It helped Google handle massive amounts of data and calculations. This ability enabled Google to improve it’s algorithm by introducing the content focused Panda update in 2011 followed by the links focused Penguin update in 2012

I speculate that the Caffeine update helped Google make it’s algorithms function more efficiently, allowing it to eventually deploy Panda then Penguin.

Another infrastructure deployment, called Espesso, happened around 2015. This unannounced update was related to helping Google push content through it’s network more efficiently. Espresso uses Software-defined networking (SDN) in order to help provide content to users as fast as possible.

Read about Espresso here, Taking the Edge off with Espresso: Scale, Reliability and Programmability for Global Internet Peering 

What Could a Google Infrastructure Update Be?

One can only speculate as to what is going on at Google. It’s obvious that Google’s infrastructure is changing and at times broken.

Google’s refusal to acknowledge what is happening is awkward, like a person arriving to work without their trousers and going about their business as if everything is normal. It’s not.

Google depends on websites. Businesses depend on Google. Web pages have gone missing, the cache is one month out of date, GoogleBot is new and improved… Does that sound like a major infrastructure update to you?

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