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Chobani is rolling out a line of children’s clothing next week to promote Chobani Gimmies, a line of Greek yogurt snacks, including milkshake drinks and yogurt tubes. Chobani launched the line late last year and is now hoping to gain some momentum for the brand in 2019.

The line includes a bean bag chair, onesies, hoodies, jewelry, jean jackets with patches and more. While the brand will be sending out packs of the exclusive items to a select number of influencers, Chobani is hoping to create some hype around the limited edition products by staging a daily drop on its website. For example, the brand had 250 “Poppin’ Cotton Candy Onesies” up for grabs for a short period of time. From now until March 14, it will drop a new piece of merchandise every day at 12 p.m. ET.

“One of the things we learned in one of our kid-centered workshops was the desire for these kids to express a certain authenticity and uniqueness in how they dress,” Leland Maschmeyer, chief creative officer at Chobani, said. “It was actually quite surprising and charming to hear all of these kids talk about how they are trying to be unique and distinct among their group of friends. We were very careful about overbranding these things. We really wanted it to feel like pieces of fashion as opposed to brand promotional pieces.”

The brand’s internal creative team built a unique cast of characters to represent the new Chobani Gimmies flavors. The packaging for the “Cherry Set Go”-flavored products feature a couple of crazy cherries, while “Rainbow Sprinkle Cone” is represented by a roller-skating ice cream cone. The characters also appear on the new line of exclusive apparel.

“We did a lot of character development for them,” Maschmeyer said. “Rather than just drawing a cartoon, we actually figured out: What are their personalities? Where do they come from? … Because the larger ambition for us was to turn these characters into actual entertainment intellectual property.”

Once the characters were set, it was relatively easy for the team to create the exclusive line.

“The basic idea behind the whole platform is rooted in the insight that when kids love something, they become obsessed with it,” Maschmeyer said. “The creative idea of  ‘so good you want it so bad’ became the carrier for everything we’re doing with this line.”

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