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We all get hungry, and life gets busy. Sometimes you’ve got to grab a bite when you can.

That was clearly the philosophy of the young man who tried to slip away from the crowds at Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony yesterday, only to find himself scarfing pizza in the background of a live news shot.

Between the silliness of the scenario and his look of wide-eyed realization, “hallway pizza” quickly became a favorite talking point on Twitter—and a marketing opportunity for the company behind the box: &pizza.

The quirky and rapidly growing chain, easily recognizable in the footage (at least among fans) thanks to its distinctive and artsy box designs, quickly took ownership of the real-time meme after the footage began making the rounds on Twitter.

The chain changed its Twitter header image and profile photo accordingly:

Wonderfully, it also shut down Pizza Hut when the larger rival tried getting in on the hallway pizza action:

And then, the true finger-kiss moment: launching the Hallway Pizza as a daily special:

The special offer is being advertised offline, as well, which is especially getting attention in its hometown of Washington, D.C.:

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