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Software engineer thoroughly dominated the list of jobs that members of Generation Z are applying for, according to a new study by job and recruiting site Glassdoor.

Glassdoor examined job applications that originated on its platform between Oct. 1, 2018, and Jan. 11, 2019, and it also incorporated information from its database of anonymous company reviews, including pros and cons submitted by both Gen-Z and millennial users from Jan. 1, 2015, through Jan. 11, 2019.

And the company used its database of millions of active, unique job postings as of Jan. 30 to add context.

Software engineer accounted for 19 percent of Gen-Z applications, while the next tier on the list made up just 2 percent apiece: software developer, sales associate and mechanical engineer.

The top five employers attracting Gen Z are IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Salesforce, according to Glassdoor, while that list for millennials was Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Google and Apple.

Glassdoor also looked at the top metropolitan areas where both age groups are applying.

The top five cities for Gen Z were New York (9 percent of Gen Z applications), Los Angeles (6 percent), San Francisco (5 percent), Boston (4 percent) and Chicago (3 percent).

For millennials, 13 percent of applications went to New York, followed by Los Angeles (8 percent), San Francisco (6 percent), Chicago (5 percent) and San Jose, Calif. (4 percent).

The five highest-rated companies by Gen-Z employees are: Apple (4.6 rating), Google (4.6), Microsoft (4.6), Morgan Stanley (4.5) and Facebook (4.5).

Work environment was the top “pro” at their jobs for both Gen Z and millennials. The next two on the Gen Z list were flexible hours and good pay, while great people and great benefits rounded out the top three for millennials.


Similarly, long hours was the top “con” for both age groups. Gen Z also cited low pay and minimum wage, while millennials complained about upper management and low pay.


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