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In my years of running my own blog, I’ve come across bloggers I never heard of who became instantly popular.

These people garnered massive a lot of audiences yet they didn’t seem to be spending thousands on marketing campaigns.

Like me, they blogged regularly and shared their best pieces of content.

But I realized that what they had in common was something that the typical hardworking marketer never tried or attempted…

Blogger outreach.

It’s one strategy you must have in your marketing arsenal if you want to gain quick traction.

You see, toiling two to three years doesn’t always guarantee that you meet your online business goals as a blogger.

Yes, it is possible that you can achieve now what others achieved after years of working so hard.

In this article, I will teach you what blogger outreach is, how it will benefit you, and a step-by-step guide to use it.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a technique in which you reach out to bloggers, also called influencers, who have a substantial amount of audiences.

The idea is that you leverage the influence that these well-known individuals have on their followers and existing customers.

Blogger Outreach Example

As someone who owns an online business that needs traction and only a few people probably know about, having someone to promote your brand whose opinions your prospects already value, gives you a distinct advantage.

Let’s admit it. It’ll take a while for you to make your prospects notice you, let alone that many other competitors are vying for their attention.

Imagine for a moment that you are totally new in your niche. If you can connect with a blogger with a wide audience, you’ll be able to position your content in front of that crowd as well.

Why Should You Care About Blogger Outreach?

Here are reasons a blogger outreach campaign should be part of your overall marketing plan.

1. Get more eyeballs on your brand.

more audience

As a blogger, you know that one of your greatest challenges is getting people to notice you. When a popular blogger promotes you, their audiences are given reasons to follow you. This leads to an instant growth in your audience base.

2. Build inbound links from authoritative blogs in your niche.

inbound links

If you’re all for boosting your SEO to rank higher on Google, you can generate more backlinks by reaching out to relevant influencers. It’s important that you filter through your list of prospects. Note that not all blogs are worth obtaining a link from.

3. Earn social shares to amplify your content.

social shares

Some influencers are “just killing it” on social media. And it’s no secret that most customers are present on every platform we know of – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Leverage the social networks of these bloggers and you increase traffic and natural backlinks.

Blogger Outreach Infographic

Building Solid Relationships Is the Real Essence of Blogger Outreach

At the heart of every successful outreach strategy is a strong relationship that’s formed.

This is a sustainable way to grow your brand rather than approaching your prospective blogger right off the bat.

relationship building in blogging

Perhaps the fear of rejection is also the very reason why many hesitate to put themselves in front of influential bloggers and lose opportunities to reach their goals.

You see, blogger outreach doesn’t have to send you running for the hills. Progressively and steadily get yourself noticed.

Before you know it, you establish a bond that lasts for many years to come.

Strategies to Create a Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

Follow these crucial steps to develop a blogger outreach strategy that works wonders for you.

1. Find Prospective Influential Bloggers in your Niche

Ready to start?

Here’s the first thing you need to do – look for the “perfect” influencer to become your brand advocate.

There’s no point in targeting hundreds of bloggers whose audiences do not match yours. Compatibility is a major criterion.

Now, prepare an Excel spreadsheet or any file using Google Docs where you make a list of prospects. A list such as this is enough to put you off to a good start:

Blogger Outreach Spreadsheet

You should be able to easily complete the fields above. Note that some bloggers do not give out their email address and use a contact form instead.

The simplest and most practical way for you to find influential bloggers is to do a Google search. Google shows the most relevant blogs based on your search query. Type into Google the term “top blogs” combined with your niche or topic.

For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, use the query top blogs fitness or top fitness blogs. To refine your search, you’ll want to do away with broad keywords and use long-tail search terms instead.

google top blog query

On social media, head over to the search bar and use relevant hashtags to help you find the ones that can promote your blog. Among all social platforms, many site owners consider Twitter to be the most convenient for discovering influential bloggers.

Use the same process to find bloggers on other Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Later, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you tools that will help you find more qualified prospects in an easier and faster way.

Word of Advice: Don’t qualify your bloggers based solely on their number of followers.

While a lot of influential bloggers have a huge following, a high follower count doesn’t always guarantee influence.

Sort your list using these possible qualifiers:

1.1. Domain Authority

Blogs with a higher domain authority score are more likely to rank in search results. Therefore, you can expect these blogs to have more traffic.

Whether you have found a blog through social media (bio section of the blogger’s page) or organically (via Google search), check the blog’s DA score using MozBar.

Moz Domain Authority

MozBar also tells you whether a blog allows dofollow links so that you benefit from the blog’s authority as well.

1.2. Content Quality and Relevance

Another important factor you should consider is the blogger’s content.

Make sure to check the posts in terms of the kind of topics discussed, writing style, length, readability, and storytelling hook.

Do the blogger’s pieces of content align with yours? Is it supported by visual elements such as videos, images, or infographics?

1.3. Engagement

The third plus factor that determines whether a blogger is a good fit is the engagement he or she is getting.

Look not only for blog and social media likes and shares but also comments.

Are they coming from real people? Did your influencer’s content win over their trust?

No matter what an influencer is sharing, he or she will always be able to persuade those around him.

2. Warm Up and Email Your Prospects

So you’ve set your blogger outreach goals and created a list of prospects.

Finally, it’s time to put yourself in front of them so they start noticing you.

Now, don’t jump in and make that ultimate request just yet. Start with a subtle approach until you’re ready to make that big move – send an outreach email.

Remember that you have to provide value first. You cannot take without giving and helping.

What are ways to show value to your target influencers?

1. Comment on Their Blogs

Blog commenting is a winner.

By commenting on active blogs, you spark interesting conversations that bloggers cannot help but notice.

Avoid leaving generic comments such as “Great post, thanks for sharing” or comments that only repeat what has already been said in the content.

blog commenting relationship building

The screenshot above shows a great comment that my blog post entitled, “6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog” received.

What clearly made this comment stand out was the commenter’s effort to provide something of unique value.

Insightful comments stand out because they’re original and helpful.

2. Feature Them in your Blog Post

Do you know what delights bloggers?

It’s seeing posts that highlight them.

They cannot resist noticing your post especially if it’s remarkable.

One of the types of blog posts you should write to get yourself noticed by influencers is “interviews and stories.”

expert roundups and interviews

Better yet, bring together all the bloggers on your list in one post and highlight their contributions to the industry.

Choose a topic to focus on that your prospect bloggers have something to do with.

The example above shows a popular post from I came across that features a list of link building tools prolific bloggers recommend.

You too can write a similar one depending on your niche.

3. Share Their Content

Consistently sharing blog posts that have just been published by influencers is a very easy way to make them notice.

A better way to do it would be to state exactly how this post helps readers and yourself. Include “@” so that the blogger gets notified of your tweet.

4. Finally, Send an Outreach Email

Most people fail in this crucial step because their email pitches don’t address the “what’s in it for me” question that an influencer may ask.

Before you compose your email, think about how the blogger can benefit from your outreach. This means that your email outreach has to be about them, not you.

Influencers nowadays can easily detect that your email was automated or that you used template for all your recipients.

Here’s an example of a template that’s overly used and no longer works. Avoid this bad outreach email:

Bad outreach email:


I came across your blog post [URL] and found it extremely useful.

You linked to a nice resource from your post [URL].

However, I’ve also written a similar topic and thought that you might want to link to it or share.

Check out my article: [URL]

Thanks and looking forward!

All the best,


Craft your email in a way that’s specific to your goal.

If your goal is to be able to guest post on an influencer’s blog and contribute content, make your email about it.

Want to earn shares or a backlink to your recent post? Create a script for each.

Again, think what’s in it for them.

Check out the sample emails below for different goals and why they work.

Land a guest post placement outreach email:
Subject: Contributing a blog post to [BLOG]



I wanted to tell you that I’m an avid reader of your blog. Earlier today, I checked out your latest content [URL] and I totally agree with what you said about [AN IDEA WITHIN THE POST].

In fact, I shared your article with my readers.

Anyway, I thought about a few relevant topics that would make a great follow-up to your post. Maybe you’d allow me to write a valuable content for you?

Here are my topics which I think your blog audience will love:




Below are samples of my recently published posts to give you an idea of my work quality:




Let me know if you’re interested. 🙂

All the best,


Do you know why this email works?

Because it shows that you’re genuinely interested in the influencer’s blog and care enough to contribute content that adds value to a previously published article.

Moreover, you’re able to demonstrate your credibility through your samples.

Get more shares for your content:
Subject: I love your article about [ARTICLE TOPIC]



I wanted to drop by and thank you today for sharing your expertise on [ARTICLE TITLE]. That was a very practical resource. I didn’t imagine that [A STRATEGY IN THE ARTICLE] was ever possible especially now that [A CHALLENGE IN YOUR INDUSTRY].

I was inspired by you ideas and actually wrote an article that tackles a different angle to your post. I thought it might add more value. Here’s the article: [URL]

If you happen to read it, you can tell me your thoughts and suggestions. I’ll also be glad if you could share it with your audiences. 🙂

Thank you in advance.

All the best,


Notice that this blogger outreach email doesn’t follow an obvious, all too common pattern but is rather personalized.

This message doesn’t only mention the article that made you reach out but also pinpoints something interesting within the article. It shows appreciation and again, seeks to help, before asking a favor.

Request for a backlink:
Subject: Your awesome resource page about [TOPIC]



I just wanted to drop by for a quick hello and say that I’m a regular reader of your blog. While I was looking through your blog posts today, I came across your resource page on [TOPIC]. Your advice definitely helps me deal with my difficulty on [A CHALLENGE RELATED TO THE TOPIC].

There was a part where you talked about [AN INTERESTING IDEA]. As a way of showing appreciation for your compelling post, I created something related to it: [URL OF YOUR CONTENT].

I would love to get your feedback. Also it might make a great addition to your resource page.

You might consider linking to my resource. I’m confident your readers will love it because [REASON]. If not, then I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Thanks again for your practical ideas. Keep up the great work!

All the best,


Obviously, you don’t need to copy these templates when reaching out to bloggers. This is why it’s more than important to learn what you can about your prospect influencers before you pitch your personalized request.

Show genuine interest in their blog. Identify a post that made the most impact on you. Be as helpful as possible.

Again, the trick is to make it all about your influencer.

3. Develop A Lasting Relationship

Not all bloggers will respond to your outreach email efforts which is why you should follow up on your pitch.

There’s no reason to shiver at the idea if you provided value.

Following up after 72 hours increases your response rates. Continue your efforts to share and comment on an influential blogger’s posts.

Work hard for their attention. Who knows, one day they’ll show an interest to work with you.

In this section, I’ve outlined my highly recommended tools to fuel your outreach. These will save you time and effort and most of all get you better results.

1. Ninja Outreach

Finding thousands of bloggers to work with and sending out effective outreach emails have never been more easy with Ninja Outreach.

All it takes is a simple keyword research.

Type into the tool’s search bar your niche or topic. You will get a long list of prospects along with their descriptions, contact information, website metrics, and social shares for every social network.

Choose from this list and send them outreach emails that you can track to monitor results.

2. Tomoson

Instead of manually finding influencers, Tomoson is another outreach tool that automates the process for you.

Specifically, Tomoson’s Content Crawler discovers blogs, influencers, and micro-influencers.

What makes Tomoson different is that it already has a built-in community of influencers you can easily tap into.

Also, these influencers have price ranges so you can immediately decide which one fits your budget.

3. BuzzStream

I like BuzzStream since it focuses on helping you build relationships with influencers because of its email functionalities.

You can monitor all the conversations you have with bloggers and even track your clicks and responses.

But before that, use BuzzStream’s prospecting feature to automatically get a list of prospects based on your queries.

You can even choose individual websites yourself and BuzzStream looks for their contact details and bylines for an easier outreach. Blacklist sites you want to exclude.

Send out emails in bulk or individually for a personalized approach.

Over to You

Now that you learned all about blogger outreach, it’s high time you start finding the right bloggers and establishing a rapport with them.

Regardless of your outreach goals, never forget that you’re dealing with a human, so you must treat a prospective influencer as such.

You see, blogger outreach holds a lot of potential for you.

By leveraging the influence bloggers have on their audience, you raise awareness for your content, build links, and even land a guest post placement.

I know that most business owners hesitate when it comes to sending outreach emails.

Take the risk and just keep in mind to offer something of value. Soon enough, you’ll be that popular blogger that everyone loves.

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