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Social marketing firm Unmetric used its Analyze and Discover platforms to examine social posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during last year’s winter holiday season, and it shared its findings in infographic form.

Unmetric noted a shift away from Facebook and toward Instagram in terms of both volume of posts from brands and the engagement triggered by those posts.

CEO Lux Narayan said, “Facebook remains the most popular platform for consumer engagement, with two times more posts than Twitter and four times more than Instagram. However, Facebook has been declining in popularity since 2015, as brands flock to Instagram due to its superiority in driving engagement.”

Unmetric also found that while some brands begin posting about the winter holidays as early as October, the spike is activity isn’t really noticeable until November and, as expected, it really heats up in December.

An examination of the 100 most engaging winter holiday posts by brands in 2018 found that 91 percent of the Instagram posts on that list contained images, leading to twice as many interactions on Instagram compared with Facebook and a whopping 76 times more than Twitter.

When breaking out last year’s data by industry, Narayan said, “In 2017, the hospitality industry dominated the conversation surrounding the winter holidays, with 22 percent of total posts on social. However, many industries also joined in on the festivities. The food and beverage industry commonly tried to woo its consumers with images of indulgent Christmas desserts. The majority of brands posted more generalized holiday-related content, from videos of carol singing to depictions of enticing presents.”

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