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Looking for some traction in Instagram for success with social media powered SEO strategies? Instagram is gaining popularity, but nobody said nailing it would be easy. You will face an initial phase of struggle with the follower count. But don’t lose hope. Here are 5 smart marketing tips to help you do better with Instagram.

Hide your hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to spread awareness about your content. On Instagram, seven out of ten hashtags are branded hashtags. However, the Instagram audience has become intelligent. Therefore, although branded hashtags give you reach, still they may not be the best idea always. That’s because branded hashtags are boring, and may not always click with the audience. In that case, hiding your hashtag is a good idea. You can hide the hashtag by adding a second comment with the tag. Or you could simply follow these steps:

  • Click 123 on the mobile keyboard
  • Click on the return button and add a dash, bullet or a period.
  • Click on the return button again and repeat the whole process until the tag is hidden

Keep a close eye on the content of your competitor

Competitor analysis is very important for a brand to make its presence grow on Instagram. Therefore, always make sure you know what your competitors are putting up. This will give an idea of the different kinds of content that are getting traction on the platform, and in turn, will let you improvise your plan. It’s not very difficult to keep a track of your competitor. All you have to do is turn the notification on. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your competitor’s post and click on the three dots on top right
  • Click Turn On Notification

It’s that simple.

turn on instagram notifications example

Regramming and tagging them

If you want to build relationships on social media, sharing the content of other users is a good idea. You Retweet on Twitter, you Repin on Pinterest – on Instagram you Regram. However, Instagram does not come with a built-in feature that lets you Regram. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There are a lots of Instagram apps such as Repost and Websta that let you Regram photos posted by other users without having to crop or take screenshots.

Geotag your content for high engagement

Getting your videos and images geotagged is one of the most trusted techniques of getting your content reach a larger audience. Usually, users just tag a small area to get followers in that specific area. Why not tag multiple areas for various content and spread the social casting net. Geotagged content on Instagram gets about 80% more traction than one that’s not tagged. However, don’t simply tag some random locations. The steps are easy:

  • Switch on the app and click on the Check In option on a post
  • Start typing the custom location at the Where Are You? field
  • Set the location correctly,
  • Click add for creating location and select the appropriate category for your brand
  • Click on the Home Button
  • Insert the address of your location

Insert line breaks in bios and captions

Generally, when people see an Instagram feed with a very long caption, they will keep scrolling without a second look. It is very difficult to read or skim huge blocks of text on a platform like Instagram. However, there’s a hack that you can use so that you may turn your chunks of text into well-organized paragraphs. It is easier for Android users. They can simply tap the return key and create the line breaks. IOs uses, however, will need to write on a different app. But it’s not a tough job at all.

  • Go to the Notes app and type the caption or the bio
  • Copy and paste the text on the specified field on the app
  • The line breaks will show automatically

In case you are using an Instagram scheduling tool, just click compose and add the text and image. In case you are working with a large social media team, you could select the publisher and then send it for approval. Once the content is approved, you will get a link at a time scheduled by you for transferring the content to the native app.

Final thoughts

Instagram, as a social media network is gaining popularity day by day. It has already overtaken Snapchat, and that day is not very far when it might just zoom past Facebook as well. As a matter fact, when it comes to micro-blogging and photo stories, Instagram is the best platform without a doubt, and using it strategically is crucial to your marketing.

Guy Sheetrit is the CEO of Over The Top SEO.

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