In the past few days there has been an uptick in complaints from Google News publishers around Google not indexing their new news content. Gary Illyes from Google did a rare appearance on Twitter to say he passed along the feedback to the Google News team to investigate.

You can scan through the Google News Help forums and see a nice number of complaints. Also David Esteve, the SEO at the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, posted his concerns on Twitter.

This site seems to be indexed fine. You can see on Google News – please click the follow link as a favor while there – that our stories are recent and being listed.

I did look at the El Confidencial Digital in Google News and it seems there are a lot of recent articles being shown there.

So I am not sure exactly what is wrong, I know with my site, most of my articles are crawled, indexed and ranked in Google News.

But there are a nice number of complaints.

It is unclear if this is related to the discovery problems with Google News that we reported a couple weeks ago where Google said they will roll out an update to resolve the issue. Only Google knows…

Forum discussion at Google News Help forums and Twitter.

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