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The 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox also hoisted the trophy for the most growth on Twitter and Instagram in October, while the runner-up Los Angeles Dodgers led Facebook in growth, according to social marketing firm Unmetric.

Engagement was led by two teams that were knocked out in their respective leagues’ division series, as the Milwaukee Brewers topped Facebook and Twitter, while the New York Yankees paced Instagram.

Unmetric examined its cross-channel reports for all 30 MLB clubs from Oct. 1 through 31, and it also found that:

  • The Yankees maintained their hold on the largest audience size across all three social networks.
  • The Dodgers led Facebook and Instagram in posts during October, while the top tweeters were the Red Sox.
  • The Red Sox tallied the most likes on Facebook and Twitter, while the Dodgers did so on Instagram.
  • The Dodgers had the most comments on all three social networks analyzed by Unmetric.




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