Bing announced some new features and spotlighted existing features on the search engine on Tuesday. Specifically, Bing demonstrated some of its election related search results, a new refreshed design for image search, expanded NFL answers and a cute “word of the day” feature.

Bing election information. Bing referenced its multi-perspective answers and how it can be useful in understanding different views on different ballot initiatives that matter to you. So if you search for a specific initiative in Bing, Bing might show you two different perspectives on it.

Here is what it looks like:

Bing also gives you a break down on the US Senate and House races, gubernatorial contests, as well as state House and Senate races in every state. You get profiles of US Senate candidates and their positions on various key issues. Bing also said that on On November 6th, it will feature live results from the Associated Press to keep you up to date with all of the latest election developments.

Bing’s updated image search interface. Bing said the redesign makes it easier to “highlight new and relevant information about images you click on.” Images of food, Bing will automatically find recipes associated with that image whereas if you search for outfits or costumes Bing will show you related product pages where you can purchase the item you are looking for.

Bing also reminds us its object detection features can help you more easily zoom in on particular parts of the image which you might want to search.

Bing NFL results show stats, schedules, viewing information, injury reports, news, and even predictions like they have for some time now.

Word of the day is a new fun feature that gives you a new word to learn for the day. The word of the day feature shows you meaning, pronunciation, and see the word in context and you can view old words of the day as well.

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