Frederic Dubut from Bing said on stage yesterday at SMX East that they are investing “quiet a bit” into Bing Webmaster Tools in the future. He made it sound like they got substantial budget allocated towards the tools, unlike in recent years.

What that means exactly is not 100% clear. Will they upgrade their interface, add more tools, improve their reporting, fix the bugs in the tool or all of that and more – that is the question.

Bing did plenty of innovative features in their Webmaster Tools that Google copied, and it goes the other way too. But over the recent years, it has felt that Google has done a heck of a lot more of investing in their Google Search Console than Microsoft in their Bing Webmaster Tools.

Recently, the API had issues for over a month without it being fixed. Bing did a losing faith in Bing over their community support and Webmaster Tools.

It seems this is changing and I am excited to see how much of a dent Bing can make both with the community and Webmaster Tools!

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