The ultimate online form builder is here! Online form builder helps you to build any type of online forms in a jiffy without even have to apply any coding thus helping people who lack any knowledge in coding. Online forms are very much common in the online businesses and for the websites as well as they provide a better way of representing your website and in the process help your customers to interact with the authorities of your company. An example of a common online form builder which is known by most of you is the Google Forms. But the Google form lacks certain things on customization, which is provided by the Aidaform.

Benefits of using Aidaform online form builder

There are several benefits of using the amazing Aidaform online form builder. As already stated that it is much more customizable, it also provides you some more benefits you can have if you choose Aidaform online form builder over any other online form builder. Have a look:

·        Absolutely free to use

·        Easy to use

·        Variety of customization

·        Eye catching responsive templates and themes

·        Easy drag and drop

·        Convenient

·        Time Saving

·        MailChimp Integration

·        Google Sheets / MS Excel Integration

·        Various types of form building facility

·        Comes with direct link sharing option per form

·        Auto notification for responses from the online form

·        File upload for tech support

·        Captcha availability for zero spam

·        Zapier Integration for other app connection

·        Access on the go

·        Confirmation letters can be sent

How easy it is to use Aidaform online form builder?

Using Aidaform online form builder is very easy and simple. It does not require a lot of sweat break as the procedures are not that lengthy and your work can be done in a jiffy.

Creating a Form

To create an online form using Aidaform online form builder, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

·        Visit Aidaforms and signup in the website

·        Click on the ‘Create a Form for free’ button placed on the Homepage.

·        Choose either blank form or select a template according to your convenience.

·        Drag and drop the fields as per your requirements.

·        Arrange and rearrange fields and add standard fields.

·        Choose a theme (from the built-in designs) and customize the colours. Voila!

Sharing a Form

·        Add a button to your website and link the form to the respective page.

·        No HTML is required as Aidaform provides it to you.

·        Share the form link directly to all your social networking accounts.

·        No need of server integrations as Aidaform online form builder manages it well.

Gathering Responses

·        No need to check your dashboard, auto notification will help.

·        Responses can next be exported to Google Sheets and MS Excel.

Overall, Aidaform online form builder is the best option to choose for your website or your startup. A three step procedure that saves time.



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