Google is now showing some users a snapshot or brief dashboard of their Google Search Console metrics directly in the search results. That is, if you are a verified user of the site in Google Search Console and your site comes up in the search results for that query.

There is a screen shot of this in action from @simon_glanville posted above. But many people are seeing this for many queries their sites rank for.

Is this fully rolled out? This doesn’t only come up for site name or branded queries but even for more generic queries where your site is returned in the search results. Many are reporting seeing this now, although, I can personally not get it to come up right now for my sites.

Since it doesn’t seem fully rolled out yet, it may come to all or it may just be a test. It is unclear at this point.

Why is Google doing this? Google trying to get more people to use and check in on their sites within Google Search Console. This reminds me of the Google My Business efforts to do the same. More awareness of your site’s health in the search results helps both the site owner and Google.

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