I AM BASED IN INDIA if i can help you to be in your team i feel happy.If you believe a person with 30 plus years of professional experience and passionate online person i am intersted to be helping hand of Ceo and founders.I seen various ceo life a day in startup i was so happy they changed US attitude no timings and no saturday even no sleep always work at this moment if i add value to it by my experience or getting thier projects on remote i feel my life mission is full filled alwaysjoy deliveringhappiness.i am available in skype with same id or email me alwaysjoydeliveringhappiness@gmail.com.I worked in 20 domains including web developments and many.You pay me what you like let me work together to make your project online.Reasons more online projects help me to save more co2.I love mother nature.Stop driving start clicking.Before some one catch me you catch me.i am focused so i dont like to spread my energy so catch me fast

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