Sometimes the stripped-down version works best. Like the acoustic version of your favorite song. Or the Instagram photo with zero filters. Or the film without the 3D effects.

But can the same be said about email design?

In this episode of “Win at Email Design,” I discuss the pros and cons of stripping away images, GIFs, colors, header images, footers, logos, navigations, social icons, buttons, and columns. When all of those elements are deleted from a template, can you still even call it design? Can the email do as good a job of communicating as a heavily-designed email?

Not all text-only emails are created equal, either. I lay out some simple rules — like proper text size, alignment, hyperlinking, and word count — that you should still follow.

Watch the video above, and then let me know your thoughts in the comments below: text-only emails or heavily-designed emails?

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