Stayhealthy, Inc., a lifestyle engagement technology company that develops innovative health measurement solutions, has rapidly emerged as one of the industry’s most promising creators of web-enabled healthcare monitoring products.

Today, we are pleased to announce that during the month of February, Stayhealthy Inc. will serve as MMW’s first official brand sponsor, sharing thought leadership commentary, exclusive company news, and no shortage of valuable and entertaining content across MMW’s social channels.

For over two decades, Stayhealthy has been developing both hardware and software applications to help individuals and organizations measure and track some of the early predictors of potentially serious medical problems, of which there seem to be no shortage.

Stayhealthy has received FDA approval for the first true innovation in body fat screening since the development of BMI in the year 1833, and it will be offered as a mobile service beginning next month.

Accelerating the extent of the company’s reach and advancing the richness of its resources, Stayhealthy is also working closely with Augmently Inc. – The Augmented Realism Agency™ — to utilize popular culture to grow the largest health and wellness brand in the world.

An industry leader in its own right, Augmently Inc. today finds itself on the vanguard of augmented reality at time of unbridled worldwide growth for and consumer interest in augmented reality.

MMW and Stayhealthy’s month-long partnership commences February 1.

For more information on Stayhealthy, visit their official website here.

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