In a sector that’s as fiercely competitive as online casinos, with new developers and operators popping up all of the time, the ones who want to survive and thrive need to always stay at least one step ahead of the rest. There are quite a few ways that they can manage it, as the ones that have succeeded in 2017 prove. But 2018 promises to be an even tougher environment, even with the possibility of intervention by the Department of Justice, so how are the strong going to capitalise on their positions?

Mobile apps

Well, there are a few strategies that are tipped to be winners for the online casinos who exploit them and the first is by making their mobile apps better and slicker than ever before.

This will involve making these games super user-friendly and rich in features as well as being as compact as possible. It’s already been a major trend in 2017 and it’s one that many expect will snowball in the year ahead. Plus, because more and more players have been showing a certain resistance to downloading apps onto their mobile devices, you can expect to see more and more offering the chance to play directly on HTML5 and Flash sites as well.

Virtual reality

2017 is said to be the year when Virtual Reality has really come of age with the technology finally becoming far more refined l and headsets hitting the market at genuinely affordable prices. Even the land-based casinos have started to embrace the phenomenon and it’s certain to become a major feature in the mobile arena too.

Already, some are experimenting with the technology by giving players the chance to walk around virtual casinos choosing which slots to play on and it surely can’t be very long before players will be able to play other games like roulette and blackjack in the virtual environment. What’s more, the virtual poker tournament with players from around the world gathering round a table surely can’t be far away. And one thing for certain is that the online casino operators who are the first to develop the best player experience will certainly be stealing a major march on the competition.

Distinctive positioning

The third, and perhaps the most important way that online casinos will be aiming to reel in more and more players in 2018 will be by creating and exploiting distinctive niches and personalities for themselves, whether by brand imagery or local identification. For example, Zodiac Casino has always positioned itself in a way that could not be more Canadian, very much helped by the fact that it’s regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and offers a number of Canada-friendly banking options.

As to how others will be able to create a similar positioning for themselves, especially in the mobile environment, then social media is certainly going to be key. But with Facebook allegedly demanding a $10,000 a month minimum spend from online casinos wanting to advertise, it looks like some creative alternatives are going to be needed.

But if the last two decades have shown us anything it’s that the most successful online casinos are flexible, innovative and creative. So this certainly shouldn’t be too much of a challenge both for them and their mobile marketing agencies both in the immediate and longer-term future.

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