The App market is a huge place with numerous Apps to quench your thirst. The Apps are available over different platforms, with different requirements. But we all are aware of the different platforms we download and install our Apps from. Somehow, lurking in the shadows are those non-market Apps, which we don’t get through known sources. That is, you can’t download those Apps from any known platform. Rather than installing it directly, you will have to go through the tedious process of downloading the App’s APK from the browser and then install it. For this you have to change the settings on your phone to allow the non-market Apps.But is it really worth it? Here are some reasons as to why you should never install non-market Apps:

1.Security Threats

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The Apps available in the market are safe. That is to say, they safeguard your phone against any information misuse. They give you the guarantee, that nothing will harm your phone or your information, in any sort. Whereas on the other hand, you don’t have any surety with regards to the non-market Apps. They might be filled with spams and they might be harmful to your phone. They are deceiving and provide you no guarantee, whatsoever. Hence you are at fault here. Also there is trust issue and there is another catch here, they might ask you invalid permission to have access to your data. And we as people are really lazy to even bother reading about the whole terms and conditions. This a very harmful habit, so it’s better to stay away from these Apps.

2.Not Useful

There is a very difficult question as to why go through so much pain, when you have a better, safe and more easy option. It is so convenient for you to go through the different stores and download the App, rather than go through your browser and search for the APK and download it, only to get deceived many a times. Why not the better way? It is a simple equation, choosing the fast and easy over the hard and tedious.

3.Cyber Crime

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Why is it hard to believe that non-market Applications are a serious threat. The bugging of the phone is just one part, misusing personal information of an individual is just another level of grievous crime. There are special cells which keep cyber crime on check and they highly recommend an individual to not download non-market Applications. It is very easy to hack somebody’s personal information and dupe him of his money or even his identity altogether. That’s why it’s safe to say, ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’.

4.Quality Check

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Apart from all the security threats and being not useful, do you ever really think of comparing the market version to the non-market version? Apps are really great if they are developed properly, and there is no doubt, a huge difference in quality between Apps. And then again, there is a high level of difference between the Apps available in the market versus the non-market Apps. There is a reason why such Apps have negation in their own name. If you compare two Apps, which are the same but one is provided to you on a known platform, while other through a non-market platform; you will surely come across a huge difference. The Apps are not only slow, they crash a lot and sometimes never work, makes your phone go berserk and drain your battery faster. Just like that cheap spinoff of your favorite brand, these Apps are made to dupe you.

5.Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side

If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and you are looking for an App which is free and doesn’t have anything to do with security threats, cyber threats or phone getting stuck in a loop, then you are very much welcome to the fairy land. Whatever you think, non-market Applications are highly a no no. You have been really given a chance to rethink many a times before going down that path. There is a reason, why Apps are provided on the safe platforms. They give you many benefits, right from safety to functionality. But the cheap or free way is always the risky way, at least in case of Apps. There has to be some sinkhole, behind the marvelous looking free App, you just downloaded from a non-market platform. So please take a mental note of it and be safe.

Truly, if all these things didn’t scare you, then sure go ahead. But don’t regret it, once you did the unnecessary, just because we warned you and you didn’t listen. Be safe is all we can say, try to stay away from non-market Apps as much as possible.

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