After putting in the kind of hard work that goes into developing an App, all your efforts could seem meaningless if the App is not introduced properly. The belief that first impression is the last impression cannot be completely disregarded. Therefore, a lot depends on how you are going to be showcasing the App in the introductory video. It is the perfect way to tell people what they can expect from your App. After you have successfully marketized your App, a good video can be instrumental in turning a potential customer into a user of your App. If a potential customer is interested in watching an introductory video for your App, he/she is definitely considering downloading your App. A convincing video can help give them just the nudge that they need in order for them to make the decision to go ahead and download your App. So, here are some magical tips to follow to make sure that your video is appealing enough.

#1 – The video should include your App’s best features


You probably have quite a few different features in your App that you would want to showcase. But, the trick lies in knowing what is more important and portraying that in the video so that the viewer is convinced that they don’t need to look any further. The video should be precise, highlighting a selected few features of your App.

#2 – Make it as informative and interesting as possible

App Video

Film yourself using the App and tell people why your App is worth downloading. Do not forget to practice before your video and remember to talk about the best features. You can make the video with the help of Apps available on the Mac App Store such as Sound Stage.

#3 – Adapt the setting and background to your App.


Believe me, you do not want to make this video in a jiffy. The background should reflect the theme of your App. The things you say in the video should be appropriate and well-suited to the service that you are promising to provide. For example, a colorful background would work well if your App is a game for children. On the other hand, if it is an App for, let’s say, reminders and notes, a more formal setting would be apt.

#4 – Add background music to your videos.


It is important that your viewers are not only informed, but are also entertained. To grab their attention, add music to your video. No doubt that this music is to be in accordance with the theme of your App. Paying attention to details such as the placing of the audio, and increasing and decreasing the volume at various points in the video can really make a difference.

#5 – Make use of animations


A little creativity never hurt anybody. Do not forget to include animation, when introducing a game. The aim is to attract and quality animation never fails. However, keep it charming, that is to say don’t overdo it.

#6 – There are websites to guide you with the video.


You can avail yourself of expert advice on how to make the most of a short video. These experts understand and value the love and energy you put into developing an App. You can trust their advice. They can help you with quotes, interesting lines and amusing photos for the video. Since the video is the quickest way to assess the App, make use of websites such as which will help you in getting it right.

#7 – Keep it short and sweet

App video1

Ultimately, the purpose of the video is to clearly deliver the message across to your potential customers. Make sure the video is short and sweet, and not long and boring. The idea is to capture the attention of the user in just the first 30 seconds and wrap up the entire video in 45 seconds. Always end with a direct call-to-action. Make sure you place the link at the end, in the description and also have a barcode appear in the end so users can download the App instantly. That should be your goal: to get users to download the App.


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