Mobiles are arguably the most omnipresent modern technology in some developing countries; more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity or even clean water. In India mobile communications have been the most visible manifestation of the extraordinary digital accomplishments seen in the past decade, from providing basic access to education and health related information to making cash payments to crowd sourcing- the growing list firmly establishes us as a ‘mobile first’ economy.There is an app for that – this phrase has become popular for a reason, and reason being simple, it is THE TRUTH – there is a mobile app for everything!

Mobile apps play a dominant role in shaping consumer behaviour in India.

Indians spend an average of three hours on their cell phones every day, the majority of this “mobile time” is spent messaging others, as well as on m-Commerce and other consumer apps to fulfil their daily needs.

Mobile sites report a third of their sales through their mobile apps in India. 17% of all daily app downloads continue to be games – with car racing and action games being most popular. India is Asia’s fastest-growing mobile gaming market with revenues expected to cross 1 bn by 2018.


Smartphone users in India have the highest smart phones usage rates globally with near about 3 hours on an average spent on their devices, majority of this time is spent messaging others, as well as on m-Commerce and other consumer apps to fulfill their daily needs.

As observed, there is massive 63% rise in the usage of applications in the past two years. India has comparatively higher Smartphone usage than the US, where the average time spent on mobile phones is 132 minutes.

A recent study says that the apps downloads in India is likely to increase from 1.56 billion in 2012 to 9 billion by 2015. The joint-study by Industry of India & Deloitte and the Associated Chambers of Commerce concluded that it would be a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 75%. It is also observed that the majority of apps are downloaded by the people between 16 to 30 years.

All these statistics have made headlines, been quoted in reports and in-depth articles, speaking volumes for the potential of the mobile market in the country. In fact, the fast pace at which the country‘s dependence on smartphones for even day-to-day tasks is increasing has led to India being tagged a smartphone-obsessed country.


Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, who is already the third most popular world leader on Twitter, has extended his reach on social media by launching his own mobile app, hence motivating the citizens of the country to switch to mobile technology and the extensive use of apps.

The app gives users regular updates on Mr Modi’s movements, and includes blog posts, interviews and “messages from the PM”. More than 100,000 downloads so far, the app observed largely positive reviews, resulting in the domination on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Market. PM Modi’s app is the most-downloaded app on the iPhone and occupies all positions in search trends on the app marketplace.

That the rapid growth of apps has had a transformative impact on livelihoods and businesses. Large enterprises and businesses are seeking for mobile apps to have better visibility among prospective customers.


By making phones more powerful, apps, aided by high-speed networks and innovation can have important productivity enhancing impacts throughout the economy.

Eventually, it’s clear that the surge in the use of mobile device in India in the last couple of years has carved a mobile app development ecosystem in India. Apparently, number of mobile apps developers are also increasing in the country with dizzying pace day-by-day.

Any business is incomplete without mobile app development. This is the right time to enter into the app market. Waiting for time is a big mistake when it comes to mobile app. Develop your app today to reach out to the maximum potential audience. 

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