With an enormous amount of Apps in the market, it’s really tough and difficult to bring out the uniqueness of your App. You just released your App, your App is amazing, you know it’s worth it. But is it possible for the masses to like it? You can be better, you can even beat the competition; but it is useless if you don’t make a mark in the eyes of the consumers. There are many aspects to why an App needs to be likeable for it to be successful. You may have put in a lot of effort, time and money behind the production of your App. You may even have spent hours, folding out marketing strategy for your App, but in the end you are not getting results. This time take a look what went wrong. Maybe your App isn’t working properly. Sorry to break the news but, maybe no one likes it.

So here to break the ice, are 5 different ways to make your App likeable:

  1. Keep It Simple

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You are likely stressing too much on the workload of your app, or maybe you are making your app just too complicated for the users to even deal with. Why not go the simple way. Keep the function or the usage of the app simple, so that it is easy for a person to actually use the app with no hassle. Don’t add too much at the same time, at the same place. Don’t cluster it. The more easy you keep the app, the more better it is for a person to access it. Because we all know that ‘Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication’.

  1. Engaging

Do you know that the best way to keep a person interested in something, is to make that thing interesting. Whoever the target audience of your App is, make sure that the said audience are engaged in what you serve them. Remember that date you went to, and the person in front of you was not at all engaging. Couldn’t hold a conversation eh! Hence, that person was not at all likeable, as per you. Same goes with the Apps, since your App is out there in the market, it should be an interactive, engaging App. Your App should make a person not feel bored. Your App should make a person feel connected to it. Think of all the possibilities that can be measured out, just by the nature of your App.

  1. Accessibility

An App which is not accessible by many, but just a few; is sure to create a negative buzz. Negativity spreads like wildfire, and an App developer should surely know that it is not to be taken for granted. Your App can see a steep downfall, if it ain’t available for everyone at large. Or maybe your App may have a function failure and it isn’t getting updated for the new versions of operating systems. Here again you are at default. No access means no downloads. No downloads, means your app stays no longer likeable by the people. If you are willing to make your App likeable, just remember to keep it accessible, other things will eventually fall in line.

  1. Looks Matter

Whoever told you that looks don’t matter, trust me, it does. In the above paragraph, it is mentioned that you should keep your App simple, but that doesn’t rule out the fact, that your App should be appealing to the eyes. A catchy App icon and also a fabulous App design is needed to grab attention towards your App and make it more likeable for the users. Why not try and look at the most successful Apps around and gather some inspiration from them. Some of the Apps even upgraded their App icons to keep up with the trending needs of the people. The new age mantra is to ‘Look Better And Work Even Better’.

  1. Reach Out

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The moment you are done with all the above mentioned tactics, it’s finally time to reach out to the masses. There are several ways of making an App known by the people, but a very few to make it likeable. Reach out to your target audience, take their feedbacks and record them. This a crucial step. Without audience feedback, don’t even think to let out your App in the market. An honest user feedback is necessary to actually figure out the future of your App. It’s not just that, it helps you figure out the inconsistencies and drawbacks of your App. You can fix them and then provide a better App for the users.

Each way is unique, but intertwined with each other. One cannot simply suffice the demanding nature of the users just by one of the above. There is a cut throat competition out there, so seek some ideas from us and make your App amazing and likeable.

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