If you’ve not been following the iOS 11 beta news lately, this article may not be news. A few months back when Apple released the first version of the iOS 11 beta, Rémi Parmentier noticed that videos no longer worked in the beta of the iOS 11 email client. I tested video in email on my iPad mini with the beta and found it wasn’t working on my device as well.

Hearing the news, email geeks everywhere were saddened and a little mad at Apple’s seemingly flippant attitude towards video. iOS supported video in iOS 7, dropped it for iOS8 and 9 and brought it back for iOS 10.

Thankfully when I tested iOS beta 3 and the just released beta 4, both came with video support in the native email client (video playback occasionally crashed the client in beta 3 but seems to work well in beta 4). Seeing that we’re only a month away from the official release of iOS 11, we can safely assume that video support will remain.

There’s a slight interface change however, in that on the iPad, the full screen and picture in picture controls are on the top left and the mute button on the top right, but aside from that the video functionality works the same as iOS 10.

Looks like email geeks can breathe a sigh of relief!

How To Implement Video in Email

If you’re curious how to embed playable video in email, here’s an article that goes over the nuts and bolts of getting video to play in the supported clients and display a fallback on those clients that don’t support video.

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