When we thought technology could not get any better, here is another example of great thinking. The DNA App Store. ‘Helix’ is a company, founded in 2015 was backed up by Illumina; a company which specializes in consumer genomics,  with $100 million. The company’s main stronghold is the thirst for knowledge and curiosity. We as a race, are really less informed about our genes, the genetic code and its functions. Here is where Helix comes into the picture, what the company is rooting for, will blow your minds. The company is attempting to create the first DNA App Store, an App Store for genetic information.

Decoding The Genome

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There is a whole new world to explore surrounding your genome. Your genome is something which contains information about yourself including specific traits, health conditions and even relations. Helix is very positive, that it will be able to decode a person’s genome, which are numbered at 20,000; with the help of Illumina. And even though you may think, that this great technology marvel, will burn a hole in your pockets, you are extremely mistaken. The cost of sequencing your genes will come at $80, which is pretty affordable and as compared to other companies, not a one time thing.

How It Works?

While you may have come across many different genetic information kits, which have been thoroughly successful, these kits costs you around $200 or even more and provide you with your specific genetic information, just once. However, with Helix, your genetic information will be stored and lend out bits of it, to Apps, which in return would want to sell their Apps through Helix. You will get to reach out to your genetic information, and select things, you want to learn about them. How it works? There will be initially, a genome sequencing and it will be done just once, later on you can choose from various Apps, in different categories including health, nutrition, fitness, etc.  There are many Apps, debuting on the market, which are specifically made to give you various information about your genome.

Amazing Apps

Some examples of these companies are, Insitome, Dot One, Exploragen, etc. Insitome is quite an amazing App, it will roll out the information of your ancestry related to Netherlands. What percentage of your genome belongs to Netherlands and what are the traits you have gained from them. On the other hand Exploragen, just by having a look at your DNA can tell you whether you are a morning person or a night owl. Such drastic information about oneself is always good to know.

Just A Start

There is even an App which will make you a personalized scarf according to your genetic code, an App which is made by National Geographic, lets you know about population genetics. The limit is endless. The DNA App Store is rooting for quality information, through its Apps and not everything will be allowed on its platform. All the Apps will have to make sense. This is just an initial stage of the production, but what the company is really looking out for, is precision. Helix has given a name to their idea, ‘sequence once, query often’, which simply stands out. Once the sequencing is done, there won’t be a need to do it again and again.

Changing the route of technology and making new and marvelous changes in the industry, is a way how the App Store will work. The Apps too, will be available on iOS and Android platforms in the future. We are sheerly interested in what the DNA App Store holds in for us.

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