Announcing the Email on Acid Dreamweaver Plugin

It’ll come as no surprise to readers that we think Email Testing is one of the most important parts in the creation of any email campaign. We do also realize that testing your emails can sometimes be a time intensive task, having to copy and paste your code or switch to your Email Service Provider. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to announce our plugin for Adobe Dreamweaver. This plugin will enable you to send your email test to Email on Acid without ever leaving Dreamweaver!

This plugin is available for free on the Adobe Add-on Exchange, however you will need to be an Email on Acid customer on the All Access plan to set it up and use it.

How to install the plugin

Installation, setup and use of this plugin is super simple and should only take you a few minutes!

Step 1: Download the Plugin

Click here to be view the plugin on the Adobe Add-on Exchange. Simply click install to get the plugin or follow the Adobe instructions. Please ensure you have File Syncing enabled on Creative Cloud.

Step 2: Set up

After installing the plugin as set out above open Dreamweaver and you will notice the Email on Acid tab in your menu, click on that and hit Settings. With the settings open, you’ll need to enter your Email on Acid settings.

  • API Key: You can find your API Key in your Email on Acid Profile. Click here to access your profile (requires you to login) and you should see your API Key in the top-left hand corner. If you don’t, you’ll need to upgrade to the All Access plan.
  • API Password: This is the password you use to log in to your Email on Acid account.
  • Subject Format: This is how the title of the test will appear in your Email on Acid account. Feel free to use Variables we’ve setup or title it however you like


Step 3: Use the plugin!

Installation and setup are all complete, all that’s left to do is to use the plugin! Using it is super simple, simply click the Email on Acid tab and hit Run Test. You’ll see a pop-up confirming your email test has been sent. You can choose to Preview the Test which will open the test in a new browser window or you can keep working.

Test sent!

If you prefer to code in our Editor click “Create Editor Project” and we’ll automatically generate a new Editor Project from your code.

Having issues or have a feature request?

Our goal at Email on Acid isn’t only to give you accurate email tests within seconds, we also aim to make testing a seamless operation. If you’re having issues installing or using this plugin, please reach out to us either in the comment section of this blog or you can contact our support team.

Further to that, if you have a feature request or an idea that will make your life easier please do reach out, we’d love to discuss ways we can make testing easier for you.

Don’t guess, test!

Are you interested in using this feature, or any other features we bring out? You can try us out with our completely free trial of our testing suite, free for you to use for 7 days!


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