As we come up to the holiday period, ensuring proper testing of our emails becomes an even more important task. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and added even more new email clients to help make sure you can cover all possibilities.


You will now be seeing two new clients in your Email on Acid account:


  • iPhone X running on iOS11
  • Outlook for iOS running on iOS11


iOS and mobile in general still dominate an enormous part of the email client landscape. With this in mind, it’s as important as ever to ensure you’re testing on the latest devices. These two clients add to our extensive list of email clients available to Email on Acid users.


If you’re not seeing the new devices in your testing, make sure you update your default testing clients in your Email on Acid account. We’re always looking for ideas of new clients to add. Have a burning client request? Please feel free to contact us.



Not an Email on Acid member?


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