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Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Super Mail Quest: An Interview With Designer and Developer Aaron Simmonds

Super Mail Quest is a project by proud email geek Aaron Simmonds. Launching soon, it's an interactive email project that allows you to pick your own destiny, eventually leading to...

Are Chatbots the Death of Email Marketing?

Spoiler alert: Chatbots are not the death of email marketing. Every year or so a new technology comes around claiming to bring about the end of email marketing. Fortunately, for...

600+ Free Email Templates from Email on Acid

A good email template can make or break your marketing, but designing and building a template from scratch can be a very time-intensive process. Instead of creating a template from...

Email on Acid’s Give Back Day

A few times a year, our entire company spends the day working with a community or non-profit group to lend a helping hand. Choosing to step away from our computers...

9 FREE Summer GIFs to Add to Your Next Email

We may be blaring “Summertime” by Will Smith right now, but this post is all about “Gettin’ GIF-fy Wit It.” Below, you’ll find 9 animated summer GIFs for every...

Free Responsive Email Template

With mobile here to stay and so many of our users inquiring about best practices for developing responsive emails, we figured it's a great time to offer up a series...

A How-To Guide on Embedding HTML5 Video in Email

Feb, 22, 2017 Update:This article has been updated to address the changes in email clients since it was written in 2013.This article will teach you how to embed HTML5 video...

The Importance of Content-Type HTML Character Encoding in Email

There have been many questions raised by our members on how email clients set the Content-Type within their HTML emails. As you may already know, the Content-Type plays a...

How to Restart CSS Animations in Email Using The :active Pseudo-class

This article shows you a technique to restart CSS animations with a single click or tap using the :active pseudo-class. There are two kinds of CSS animations, those that only run once,...

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