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Google said on Tuesday that they’ll be adding two new kinds of ads – Discovery and Gallery – plus offering a redesigned Google Shopping, according to announcements made at the company’s annual Google Marketing Live conference in San Francisco.

Discovery Ads

One format, called Discovery ads, offers suggested content in the form of a clickable image and text ads for the feed under the search box in the Google mobile app, in Gmail under the social and promotions tabs, and in the YouTube home feed.

Google Display Ads Managing Director Dan Taylor told ClickZ that the tech giant’s machine learning determines which ad to show, based on logged-in search queries in Google, videos watched on YouTube, apps chosen in Google Play and, unlogged, through cookies resulting from visits to sites in the Google Display Network. He added that there are no intent signals gleaned from Gmail.

That intent data, such as searches for a car or viewings of Marvel movie previews on YouTube, helps Google create audience segments, Taylor said. He added that, while the Discovery feed in the Google app was announced in 2017, this new Discovery format is its first advertising.

The term “discovery,” he said, specifically refers to the fact that you don’t need to enter a query at that time, in order to see the segment-targeted ad. Seventy percent of users have indicated to Google that they are very interested in coming across new content without active effort, Taylor added.

Google's Discovery ads

Gallery Ads

The other format, Gallery ads, present carousels of swipeable images that appear on search results pages. While Google has offered carousel ads previously for retailers, Taylor said, this is the first time it’s being offered for any brand. Carousel images, displayed after mobile searches, are only related to the just-entered query, and are not targeted via intent data from other sources, as Discovery ads are.

A redesigned Google Shopping

The tech giant is also announcing a redesign of its existing Google Shopping service, including a new personalized home page with product filtering options. In addition to the new user interface, there are now more options about how to buy a product – on the spot, in the nearest physical store, or online through Google. Previously, Taylor said, the latter option wasn’t available directly from a product. Additionally, there are new ways for merchants to offer pick-up in-store service tied to an inventory feed.

He added that other Google Shopping enhancements are on the way in the near future, such as the ability to buy a product inside a video being shown on YouTube.

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